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Joe's 6 Pork & Apple Sausage our 6 Pork & Apple Sausage is Gluten Free

6 Pork & Apple Sausage

£3.00 RRP: £4.00 view 6 Pork & Apple Sausage

Joe's – delivering superb quality, low fat meat and meat products straight to your door.  The founders of Joe's have been butchers for over 45 years and being butchers, we source only the finest cuts of meat to make our products.

All of our meat and meat products are suitable for most UK diet and slimming plans and everything we sell contains 3% or less fat*.  Our products are suitable for those with Coeliac Disease and those of you who are Gluten intolerant.  Our amazing Gluten Free sausages, burgers and marinated meats mean that meal times can once again be tasty and nutritious.  Our products are tested and certified by UKAS Accredited Laboratories.

Our range of fresh meats are naturally packed full of protein and it is a well know fact that protein keeps you fuller for longer; so when you buy from us you know you are filling up on the good stuff.   Our ranges of fresh chicken, turkey, pork and matured grass fed beef, really are tasty, so if you want to eat healthily and cut down your fat intake, then Joe's is the place for you.   

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