About Joe’s

Joe’s is a family run business and the founders of Joe’s have been butchers for close to 50 years.  We source only the finest cuts of meat to make our products and are constantly introducing new products to improve our range of fresh and prepared meat products.  Our meat products are high in protein, low in additives, have reduced levels of salt and contain 3% fat or less*.  

Joe’s can be eaten freely on the majority of slimming plans. To check the values for yourself, simply insert the nutritional information provided on our site into your slimming plan website calculator and see for yourself? 

If you are choosing to eat foods that are better for you, you don’t need to compromise on flavour.   Joe's is committed to only selling products that are:

  • Low in fat (less than 3%) 

  • Gluten Free

  • Made by qualified butchers

  • Made using butcher quality meats

*Rump steaks could contain up to 5% fat.

our bestselling products this week

Joe's Beefy Burgers our Beefy Burgers is Gluten Free

Beefy Burgers

£4.00 RRP: £5.00 view Beefy Burgers

Joe's Chicken & Leek Sausages our Chicken & Leek Sausages is Gluten Free

Chicken & Leek Sausages

£3.50 RRP: £5.00 view Chicken & Leek Sausages

Joe's Chicken & Leek Meatballs our Chicken & Leek Meatballs is Gluten Free

Chicken & Leek Meatballs

£4.00 RRP: £5.00 view Chicken & Leek Meatballs

Joe's Summer Slimming Friendly Box

Summer Slimming Friendly Box

£55.00 RRP: £94.89 view Summer Slimming Friendly Box

Joe's Cumberland Pork Sausage our Cumberland Pork Sausage is Gluten Free

Cumberland Pork Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00 view Cumberland Pork Sausage

Joe's Pork Sausage Meat our Pork Sausage Meat is Gluten Free

Pork Sausage Meat

£3.20 RRP: £4.00 view Pork Sausage Meat

Joe's Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage our Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage is Gluten Free

Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage

£3.20 RRP: £4.00 view Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage

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