Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of frequently asked questions, please take a moment to see if they can provide you with the answer you are looking for. If you cannot find what you are looking for please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I follow a Slimming plan, can I eat your products?

Our products are suitable for most diet plans.  We are unable to make specific claims about individual diet plans.  However, if you would like to find out whether you can eat our products on your slmming plan, we provide all the information you need to assess if our products are suitable for you.  

PLEASE NOTE: Unlesss you pay for endorsement or promotion then no National Diet plans endorse products.


How much fat is there in your products?

All of Joe’s products contain less than 4% fat. Nutritional information for all of our products is available from the Nutritional page and can also be found next to the product description and is available from the on-pack label.

Do you have any useful tips on how to cook Joe's sausages?

Please see our cooking tips page or go to the recipes section. If you would like to share your recipes with us, please send us an email to

I want to receive your money saving promotional emails

When you register for an account with us, you are given an option to sign up to our emails which contain promotional codes, news and recipes.  

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Can Joe's products be cooked from Frozen?

We recommend that you always cook our products from FRESH. It is always best to defrost your products in the fridge overnight.  For ideas on how to cook your Joe's Goodies, see our recipes section or have a look at the cooking tips page.

What is the Shelf Life of Joe's products?

Our products are made FRESH every day and most have a shelf life of between 6-9 days from date of manufacture; you will usually receive products with a shelf life of about 6-7 days. You should always check the individual product labels.  All products are delivered to you FRESH, never frozen.

Can I freeze my products?

Yes, all of our products can be frozen, however we recommend that you consume them within 6 months of freezing.  You should always refer to the manufacturer’s freezing guidelines on your appliance.  We recommend that you defrost all meat and sausages, preferably overnight in the fridge.

What is the meat content of your products?

All of our meat products have a high meat (protein) content, which means you stay fuller for longer.  Our sausages and pork burgers have a minimum meat content of 72%. Our Beefy Burgers contain 80% meat.  For more information click on the nutritional tab next to each product or click on the nutritional page to see all of the products' ingredient declarations and allergens. 

I don't seem to receive your email newsletter, why?

It might be that you've previously unsubscribed from our newsletter list. 

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Do you have any special offers at the moment?

We send out monthly special offers if you have subscribed to receive our marketing email and we somtimes post offers on Facebook.  It can be a little hit and miss on Facebook these days, as advertising is expensive, so it's best to subscribe to our emails as well.  Some months we do a mid month special too.

To make sure you always get our monthly offers by email click here to subscribe to our newsletter.  

Do your products contain Gluten?

No, not even a little bit!  Everything is Gluten Free., so everything...our low fat sausages, burgers and marinated meats are all GLUTEN FREE.  In fact everything we sell is suitable for those with a wheat intollerance/Ceoliac disease. WHOOP WHOOP! Go on..... give us a high 5!

What days do you deliver?

We deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays using DPD courier service. We are unable to deliver on Mondays as couriers (as a whole) do not make collections on Sundays.  You can usually place your order and pick your chosen delivery day up to 14 delivery days in advance.  For example, if you place your order before midnight on Sunday you are eligible for delivery on Tuesday.  

Occasionally we will need to turn a delivery day 'off' we usually advise you of this on

How will my order be packaged?

Your order will be delivered to you by our courier, DPD. Your order will be delivered in polystyrene boxes with sufficient ice packs to keep your products fresh for umore than 48 hours.  For further information on deliveries and your responsibilities please read our terms and conditions.  

How do I track my delivery / order?

Once your order has been processed and dispatched DPD will send you an email and or text message on your chosen delivery day with your tracking details.  The DPD app is a really useful tool and will provide you with a one hour delivery window.  If you experience issues with your order or it is not delivered by 6pm - please do email us: Please note we do not provide our phone number on our website as we do not have cover in the office every day, for more information about our office hours please check our contact page.

I want to change my delivery address

Before checking out you will be taken to a summary page, where you can choose an existing address for your delivery or you can add in an additional address and special delivery instructions.

You cannot change the delivery address after you have placed your order.  We use the information provided on Joe's website and NOT the delivery information for your PAYPAL account.


What happens if my Delivery is delayed?

On the morning of your delivery you will receive an email (and / or text message) indicating that your parcel has been dispatched and you will be given a one hour delivery 'window'.  If your delivery is not made on the day you requested please make sure you advise us by email that your delivery has not been made on time and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.

Can I specify a time for delivery?

Unfortunately you cannot specify a time for your order to be delivered, however we use DPD who will provide you with a one hour delivery 'window', in an email or text message on the day of your delivery

The text message or email allow you to choose from a range of options including the option of delaying your order to later in the day or leaving it in a safe place or to a neighbour etc.  You cannot delay your order to another day. 


What kind of information should I put in the Special Delivery Instructions?

This is your chance to identify where you would like your delivery left if you are not going to be in, there is drop down list to choose from:

  • During the warmer months please be sensible about requesting your fresh products to be left in greenhouses as temperatures can reach in excess of 40°c.
  • Please be cautious about leaving garages unlocked (for obvious reasons).
  • Please be aware when asking for your delivery to be left in/near a recycle bin/wheelie bin, you need to make sure your delivery is not going to be collected when your recycling is collected or your bins are emptied!
  • The boxes your products are delivered in are quite large (30cm x 30cm x 40cm), requests to leave ‘behind a plant pot’ may still mean that the delivery is in plain sight.
  • Requests to ‘put over the gate’ may not be possible and if the boxes are handled in a rough manner then the packaging may become damaged. In these circumstances the courier will leave your parcel in an alternative safe place or with a neighbour. A card will be left indicating where your order has been left.

When you place your order you are bound by our Terms and Conditions.  If you are not in when your parcel is delivered and your parcel is subsequently stolen, this is your responsibility and you will NOT be compensated.  

What if I am not in when my order is delivered.

On the morning of your dleivery you will receive a text message and / or email from DPD indicating that your order is on its way.  You will also receive a one hour delivery window; if this time slot is not acceptable, you may delay the delivery until later in the day, or request that the parcel is left with a ebighbour or in a safe place (there will be a range of options).

Please be sensible about where you would like your products left if you are not going to be in:

  • During the warmer months please be sensible about requesting your fresh products to be left in greenhouses as temperatures can reach in excess of 40°c.
  • Please be cautious about leaving garages unlocked (for obvious reasons).
  • Please be aware when asking for your delivery to be left in/near a recycle bin/wheelie bin, you need to make sure your delivery is not going to be collected when your recycling is collected or your bins are emptied!
  • The boxes your products are delivered in are quite large (30cm x 30cm x 40cm), requests to leave ‘behind a plant pot’ may still mean that the delivery is in plain sight.
  • Requests to ‘put over the gate’ may not be possible. In these circumstances DPD will leave your parcel in an alternative safe place or with a neighbour. A card will be left indicating where your order has been left.

Can I have my order delivered to a neighbour?

Yes, you may provide us with special delivery instructions if you are going to be out. Please note that a neighbours’ house is classified as a house within a couple of doors either side of yours or opposite, IT IS NOT an alternative address a few streets away!  Under these circumstances your parcel will be left 'safe' at your address.


Can I have my products delivered to my work address?

Yes, we can deliver to your work address, simply go to Joe’s website and log into your account and add your delivery address details BEFORE you place your order. You cannot change your delivery address once you have placed your order.

My delivery has been delayed how do I check if my goods are still fresh?

If your order is delayed for any reason, you MUST ACCEPT your order.  We will not issue you a refund if your order is late or if you refuse your delivery due to lateness.  We suggest that you complete the following test:

  • Open the outer box and remove the polystyrene lid.
  • Place the back of your hand on the top layer of products, they should be cool to the touch and they will under most circumstances will still be fresh and should be removed to a cold fridge or freezer as soon as possible. 
  • If you are unsure whether you products are still fresh, please get in contact with us by emailing as soon as possible.

It is very important that you DO NOT refuse your order and that you carry out the above test before getting in contact via email, we do not accept correspondance related to deliveries via social media. We will be unable to refund you for products that are refused.  Please see our full Terms and Conditions.

How to Handle your Joe's Delivery


Where do you deliver?

We deliver Nationally using Parcel Force.  However, due to the time it takes to reach certain parts of the UK and the excessive postage costs we are unable to deliver to Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and certain parts of the Scottish Isles or Highlands.  

The website will automatically detect whether you live in a 2 or 3 day delivery area.  If you live in a 3 day delivery area then we are unable to deliver to you, and you will be asked to choose an alternative address before placing your order.


I want to contact you but can't find a phone number

We are a small family business and do not have permanent office support.  In all cases email is the best way of contacting us  We check our emails regularly but have very limited access on Fridays and we are closed over the weekend.  Queries received on Thursday afternoons may not be dealt with until Monday.  We will always respond to emails indicating non delivery - these should be marked as URGENT.  

Is your site secure?

All Credit Card data transmitted between you and our site is protected using strong SSL encryption technology, and we do not store or retain your payment details.  Payment is made through your PayPal account or using a credit or debit card on the PayPal payment portal. We DO NOT have access to your credit or debit card details.

My payment will not go through

Please be patient whilst waiting for the site to contact the payment portal and do not refresh or back browse.  Once you have placed your order, you will recieve an email with details of your order.  You will receive a further email indicating acceptance of your payment.  

If your payment does not go through, you can simply click on Sign In (found in the top right corner of the website) and review your orders.  If you do not pay for your order before the scheduled date your order will not be sent out.  If you are having trouble paying for your order, send us an email to 

I want to pay by credit card

We accept all major credit cards.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase with us. You will be directed to the PayPal web page, you simply need to click on the ‘Don’t have a PayPal Account' to pay by credit card.  

I would like some leaflets

We do not have leaflets all year round - usually just when something has changed! However since we introduced Refer and Reward we are including them with every order.  If you would ike extra leaflet then simply add them to your basket beofre you check out.  If you would like to print off your Refer and Reward cards click here.

Do you deliver to the Highlands, Scottish Isles, Isle of Man?

We are unable to deliver to certain parts of the UK.  Some parts of the Scottish Isles and Highlands are NOT considered mainland Britain by DPD. To see if we can deliver to you, simply register your details and we will automatically check to see if you live in a restricted.  Minimum order is 10 packs and the delivery days available to you will be restricted.  

What happens if I am not home when my order is delivered?

On the day of your delivery you will receive an email and / or text message from DPD giving you a one hour delivery wondow.  You will also be given options to have your parcel left with a neighbour etc.  You will not be expected to sign for your delivery if you are out.  

Please make sure that you read and accept our terms and conditions before placing your order.



I have received multiple order confirmations but only require one order what should I do?

If you press the ‘click here to pay’ button several times, we will capture several orders. If we receive multiple orders (for the same products) but only receive one payment we will only send you one order (even if you have received multiple order confirmations).  Duplicate unpaid for orders will be deleted from the database unless you advise us otherwise. I fyou are concerned that you have placed several orders, you can always drop us an email and we will look into this for you.  Our email is 

How often do you test your products nutritional values?

We take our product development and testing very seriously.  We regularly test a random sample of products - the results of which will be posted on our Facebook page and on our website.  Should you wish to have more information about our testing, please send an email to

Why do you not include specific slimming plan information on your packaging and website?

Legally we are not allowed to use the trademarks of specific slimming plans on our packaging or website.   We do however have our products tested by Nationally Accredited testing houses to ensure that each and every product is suitable for main stream slimming clubs.  If you would ike more information or want to ask others who love our products, head to our facebook page where we have over 30,000 'friends' who love our goodies and you can ask questions and swap recipes.

I am a food retailer and would like to become a stockist of Joe's

If you are an approved food retailer and would like to stock Joe's, we would love to hear from you.  Simply drop us an email to with your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We will support you with wholesale prices, dedicated delivery days, marketing materials, and your shop will be included on our stockists page.  

P.S. We find that stockists who have contacts with slimming groups and clubs and who actively advertise to these clubs seem to do really well!

Where does your meat come from?

We source all of our meat from reputable suppliers.  The Beef we source is always from British or Irish farms, Pork for steaks are sourced within the EU as is our Chicken.  Pork for sausages is sourced from Belgium from a very reputable supplier, the reason we use Belgium Pork is because they produce big lean pigs ideal for making healthier products.

How much is delivery?

The cost of postage varies depending the size of your order.   For example, our minimum order is £35, and for this there is a charge of £6.  If you order £65 or more, your delivery is FREE (happy days)!  

Are your products suitable for Coeliac's

Yes, ALL of our products suitable for Coeliacs.  

We are hoping to register our products with the Coeliac Society and seeking official endoresement.  We hope you will enjoy your new found freedom to choose ANYTHING you wish from our range of products.


First Timer Boxes

The taster boxes are just that, they are meant as a way for new users to try a range of our products without a large initial outlay.  We have 3 boxes to choose from 'Regular' and 'Spicy' and each cost £33 including delivery.  We also have a Large first timer box £45 which includes a 2.5 kg of chicken fillets.  These boxes come with free delivery.  

Please note: that if you order any of the First Timer boxes you are not eligble to use any voucher codes with this purchase.  Also, you will NOT be eligible for the Reward Welcome pack of chicken when ordering any of the First Timer boxes.  You will however still accrue credit from your friend's order. Here's the link to the taster boxes


If you are experiencing a lot of snow in your area it is very possible that Parcel Force may be unable to deliver to your chosen location on your preferred delivery day. Your products will stay fresh for more than 48 hours.  The Parcel Force Depots and vans are not heated and if its snowing outsode then your goods will remain fresh for extended periods of time.

By placing your order you accept our terms and conditions, and you should always accept your delivery, even if it is late.

You MUST check the tracking document sent to you by Parcel Force. Please contact us by email on if your parcel is delayed and not delievered by 2pm.

Is your chicken Free Range?

No, our chicken is not free range, for the simple reason, free range chicken fillets would be at least 50% more expensive.  This would mean that 5kg of free range fillets would cost approximately £40.

Is your chicken Halal?

Like the major UK supermarkets, our chicken comes from a supplier which processes both Halal and non-Halal meat so we cannot always guarantee our chicken has received a blessing making it Halal. All the chicken we sell is stunned before slaughter, in line with European guidelines. We have spoken to our supplier extensively about the slaughter process and they have stunning certificates that guarantee that the chickens are stunned, and what voltage is used. We do not believe that the chicken being Halal, has any bearing on animal welfare.

Is any of your meat free range?

Our meat is not Free range, this is for 3 reasons:

  1. Free range meat is much more expensive, in some cases more than 50% more expensive.
  2. Free range pork is too fatty to fit in with our nutritional requirements.
  3. There is no standard for 'free range beef', so claims that beef is free range are a little spurious, at best.

Parcel Force always refuse compensation claims on NSR parcels

We use Parcel Force as our courier service, and we have an NSR 'No Signature Required' option on our contract.  This is quite simply because our goods have a time limit for freshness and it would be impractical for parcels to be taken back to the Depot if no one is home to receive your delivery.  This NSR clause means that even if Parcel Force deliver your goods to the wrong address they WILL NOT COMPENSATE YOU OR US, under any circumstances, even if a PF member of staff informs you otherwise.  PLease ensure that you check the tracking on your order and if it has not been delivered by 2pm then please drop us an email stating your order number and we will chase it for you:

Why is the mince 'dull' in colour

The mince is a different colour because it is vacuum packed, this removes the oxygen which make the meat go dark.  Once the vacuum pack is opened the meat will slowly turn bright red again due to oxygenation.  There will be a sulphurous smell when the pack is open but this will disappear after a minute or two. This is just the natural sulphur in the meat being drawn to the surface by the vacuum. It is best to break the mince up in a bowl using your fingers, then cooking it (rather than cooking straight out of the pack).  The meat will stay bright red due to natural antioxidants (vitamins), we are not allowed to add these to mince by law.  The mince is made fresh everyday, to order.  

Are your products available in supermarkets?

Currently, our products are not available in Supermarkets.  We wish they were, but for now our website is the best place to submit an order.   

Do you have any local stockists?

We are predominantly an on-line business, so we have made it really easy to place an order on our secure site.  However if you are local to the NW then we have a limited number of stockists, who stock some of our range.  To be sure the products you wish to purchase are in stock - it would be best to call ahead.  Details of current stockists can be found here: Joe's Local Stockists

Media and advertising opportunities

If you would ike to contact us about advertising, PR or media opportunities, please contact Emma at our Marketing Agency Bare Face Marketing on 0161 286 0165.

I want to place a group order

We have made it easy for you to place an order for a group of friends.  Our easy order form is just the ticket for collecting all theorders in one place.

Joe's Refer and Reward

We love that you love Joe's.   In 2016 we launched our Refer and Reward scheme.  You can join after you have placed just one order.  Then you simply share your unique code with your friends.  When your friends Register using your code and place their first order they will receive 1 kg of fresh plump and juicy chicken fillets, absolutely FREE.  AND.... you will receive 5% of the cash value of EVERY order they place... FOREVER*.  What are you waiting for?  Find your code by logging into your account now!

*Terms and conditions apply

Promotional Codes

Our promotional codes are our way of giving you a little treat on us.  You should only enter your promotional code once you have finished your order. You may only use one promotional code per order.  If you make changes to your order after you have entered your promotional code - you will need to re-enter it to complete your order.

My Delivery is late

If your order has not arrived by 3pm there are a number of things that you can do:

  1. Firstly, you can track the using the tracking number provided on your email from Parcel Force - 0344 800 4466, press option 5.   They should be able to update you directly.
  2. If you cannot get a satisfactory response from PF - and please send us an email: stating your order number and we will do our best to find out where your parcel is (we do not have a magic wand with PF - but we are happy to help).
  3. Do NOT - even if your parcel is late, refuse the delivery
  4. Please note that we do not have a contact number as the office is not manned and everthing will be dealt with via email.

Your meat will be absolutely fine in its protective packaging for up to 48 Hours.  

Do your products contain Dairy?

No, our products do not contain dairy.  All the ingredients and allegens can be found next to each product.

My meat / chicken smells?

When chicken is vacuum packe, sulphur in meat is drawn to the surface and creates an eggy smell, this is perfectly normal.  The smell dissipates after a few minutes as the gas evaporates.  All meat has the same issue with sulphur when vacuum packed. The problem is even more apparent with bulk packs, the smell is stronger because of the amount of meat in the pack (especially bulk chicken packs).  This smell can make people think that meat has spoiled, it hasn't, it is just letting the sulphurous gas evaporate. 

The packaging is broken / damaged

Firstly we are very sorry that you have experienced problems with the packaging on your order.  All goods leave us in perfect condition and any damage occurs during transit.  At very busy times of year we see damage to packaging become more frequent.  

The cardboard outer box serves to protect the inner polystyrene packaging.  Internal broken packaging results from the ice packs moving around the boxes (when they are thrown about in transit).  Just because the outer box is not damaged, does not mean that the packaging was broken when it left us (everything is hand packed and checked before dispatch).  For the most part, any broken cling wrap can simply be replaced.

If you receive goods that have been damaged during transit, you must send photographs of any broken packaging with an accompanying email stating the issues (this must be done on the day you receive your goods).  Do not throw the goods away.  If you fail to email us and subsequently throw the goods away you may not be compensated. If we deem the packaging to have deteriorated the quality of the meat/ meat products, we reserve the right to provide you with a voucher code that may be spent on the website or where applicable refund you, this is at our absolute discretion.

GDPR - and how we handle your personal data

GDPR (General Database Protection Regulation) is a new law that protects you and your data, introduced in May 2018.   Joe's takes your data very seriously and we never store credit card or payment details.  The data we hold is used to fulfil your order with our delivery partner Parcel Force and to calculate your Refer and Reward credits.

The data we hold on you includes:

  • account registration details
  • current and previous order details

If you have previously 'opted in' to receive Joe's newsletter, you will receive emails that include offers and promotions.  If you change your mind about receiving these emails, you can simply use the opt out at the bottom of any MailChimp email and you won't hear from us again (unless you opt back in).

We will never sell or share your data and you can ask for a copy of the data we hold about you by emailing us: 

You can find out more about GDPR here:

Storage of your meat - your fridge and temperature settings

Firstly, the temperature for your fridge should be set at 2 degrees or less, this prevents microbial growth and food spoilage.  Listeria which is a very nasty food poisoning organism that likes temperatures above 2 degrees.  Secondly all raw meat and fish should be stored in the bottom of your fridge for two reasons:

  • the bottom of the fridge is the coldest place and if your fridge has a drawer it is even better because the draw is sealed when the door is open preventing temperature rises.
  • the other reason is if fresh meat leaks juices from the top shelf it will contaminate everything below, this could cause food poisoning.

If you purchase chicken you should put it in the freezer on the day you receve it. Meat shoudl be deforsted overnight in the fridge, before cooking and open the bags about 10 minutes before cooking to let the product breath (gasses escape).


If you have any other questions that are not answered, please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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