Box sets

Our Box Sets contain only the best cuts of Butcher’s quality, premium meat, sausages and burgers.   Throughout the year we will introduce new or alternative box sets, so that we are always bringing you the best quality and value meat products available on the internet.

All of our meat is butchered to the highest standards by our master butchers.  Our Chicken is succulent, contains no added water, no preservatives and absolutely no additives.  Our Beef is seasonally grass fed.  
Our sausages, burgers and marinated meats are all high in protein, contain 3% fat or less and they don’t contain any artificial colouring or flavourings.   All of our products are Gluten Free. 

**we are unable to substitute items in these box sets**

Joe's Summer Slimming Friendly Box

Summer Slimming Friendly Box

£55.00 RRP: £94.89

Joe's Slimming Approved BBQ Box

Slimming Approved BBQ Box

£40.00 RRP: £56.00

Joe's Best Sellers Dieter Box

Best Sellers Dieter Box

£65.00 RRP: £87.30

Joe's Slimmers Chicken Variety Box

Slimmers Chicken Variety Box

£40.00 RRP: £62.60

Joe's Sharing Box

Sharing Box

£66.00 RRP: £101.20

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