extra lean pork

Our team of butchers prepare our meat fresh, every day.  Our fresh pork is specially selected from Belgian pigs which gives us much leaner pork, we then trim as much fat as possible before preparing pork steaks and joints. 

Our Pork loin joints and pork medallions are naturally Gluten Free and contain less than 3% fat.

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Joe's Pork Medallions

Pork Medallions

£4.00 RRP: £5.50

Joe's Pork Loin Joint 1kg

Pork Loin Joint 1kg

£7.00 RRP: £10.00

Joe's Pork Loin Joint 1.5kg

Pork Loin Joint 1.5kg

£10.50 RRP: £15.00

Joe's Chinese Style Pork Steaks our Chinese Style Pork Steaks is Gluten Free

Chinese Style Pork Steaks

£4.60 RRP: £5.00

Joe's Spicy Pork Steaks our Spicy Pork Steaks is Gluten Free

Spicy Pork Steaks

£4.60 RRP: £5.00

Joe's Smoky BBQ Pork Steaks our Smoky BBQ Pork Steaks  is Gluten Free

Smoky BBQ Pork Steaks

£4.60 RRP: £5.00

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