Joe's Pork Medallions

Pork Medallions

4 perfect pork loin steaks taken from the eye of pork loin and cut into beautiful medallions. These tender succulent steaks are very versatile and can be used for grilling, bbq, casseroles and stir fry.
Minimum pack weight 500g

***Suitable for home freezing***

£4.00 (RRP £5.50)


Fresh pork loin


Nutritional Information

per 100g per item
Energy (kcal) 105 5% 131 6%
Protein 22.5g 45% 28.1g 56%
Carbohydrates NIL 0% NIL 0%
Fat 1.7g 2% 2.1g 3%
  of which saturates 0.7g 4% 0.9g 5%
Fibre NIL 0% NIL 0%
Salt NIL 0% NIL 0%
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