low fat burgers & meatballs

Joe's products are made fresh to order, every day.  Our low fat beefy burgers, pork burgers and meatballs are made from very lean cuts of meat and are simply delicious and contain 3% fat or less.  

Our burgers and meatballs are suitable for most diets plans, and for more information on whether Joe's can help you to eat more healthily, follow this link to the slimming clubs page.

You can check for yourself if our products are suitable for your slimming plan by entering the nutritional information provided into your Slimming plans' website.

Click on the individual product image for more information or view ingredients/allergens for each product here.

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Joe's Chicken Breast Burgers our Chicken Breast Burgers is Gluten Free

Chicken Breast Burgers

£4.40 RRP: £5.00

Joe's Chicken & Leek Meatballs our Chicken & Leek Meatballs is Gluten Free

Chicken & Leek Meatballs

£4.00 RRP: £5.00

Joe's Beefy Burgers our Beefy Burgers is Gluten Free

Beefy Burgers

£4.60 RRP: £5.00

Joe's Meatballs our Meatballs is Gluten Free


£3.50 RRP: £4.50

Joe's Pork & Apple Burgers our Pork & Apple Burgers is Gluten Free

Pork & Apple Burgers

£4.00 RRP: £4.60

Joe's Pork, Chilli & Garlic Burgers our Pork, Chilli & Garlic Burgers is Gluten Free

Pork, Chilli & Garlic Burgers

£4.00 RRP: £4.60

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